One of Pavilion’s secrets to success lies within our people, whom we believe make all the difference. Our Pavilion family is comprised of experienced, quality professionals. Strong relationships are the foundation of our team and this philosophy is extended outwards to our neighbors and clients. Our team lays the groundwork for and follows best practices.

Pavilion has an open-door policy that starts with the principals. Training and mentoring is provided to all employees new and old. We share resources and knowledge, helping each individual to become the best that they can be. Fun events such as picnics, bowling, golf tournaments, and special parties and celebrations are held throughout the year. A healthy work-life balance is encouraged and maintained. As a result, the end-products and services our clients receive becomes better and stronger.

Core Values


We are all focused on a common goal and are united as a team. Communication is threaded throughout every target we set. We are a family and maintain a fun, collaborative, and safe work environment.


We are dedicated to the highest quality and ethical standards in the industry. We are driven to deliver all of our projects with the utmost attention to safety. We are proud of the services that we deliver to our clients and neighbors.


Our word and actions are a reflection of our values. We have the responsibility to deliver them with professionalism, honesty, and respect. We take accountability in all of our commitments.


We believe in “Building Your Vision.” Every action we take has purpose and meaning. We treat every team member, neighbor, and client with respect and kindness. We seek to become a part of each community we build in and do our part to make them better by delivering industry-leading services and projects.